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Aston Martin Cygnet 1.4i 98 pk

Our software programmer can make sure that after the chiptuning software modification the Aston Martin Cygnet 1.4i 98 pk car will drive much easier, faster en smoother than before. Cars equipped with a turbo engine will have the biggest performance gain. On the other hand, a turbo engine will take a little more time to make the software modification. On turbo engines we change about 30 maps, up to 50 maps on new EDC17 ECU's. The more maps we change, the better your tuning will be. On petrol engines without a turbo we have to change about the 5 en 10 maps to make a proper tuning.

Our services

Cheaptuningfiles.com is specialized in developing and adjusting automotive software. Our main focus is to provide them who already have the equipment to perform Chiptuning. After you have made a read of the original software you can upload the file on our website or you can also add us on Skype and send the file there. When you add us on Skype there is also the opportunity to ask all of your questions directly to our programmer. If there are any specific wishes about the software please let us know. Ofcourse we can also provide you software with specific DTC’s codes removed, such as DPF, EGR or just error codes in general. After we know what software you desire our programmer will tell you the price immediately.

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Tuning stage 1 €80,-
Tuning stage 2 €100,-
EGR €50,-
DPF €50,-
EGR+DPF €80,-
Error codes €50,-

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Aston Martin Cygnet 1.4i 98 pk - Cheap Tuning Files